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Pain-free therapeutic laser treatments

If you're looking for a non-invasive, pain-free way to get your pet back to full health, consider therapeutic laser treatments from Animal Clinic in Iowa City, IA!

  • Treatment of arthritis, degenerative joint disease, or hip dysplasia

  • General pain management (sprains, strains, and stiffness)

  • Post-surgery pain (spays, neuters, de-claws, and other surgeries)

  • Skin problems (hot spots, lick granulomas, infections)

  • Dental procedures

  • Fractures and wounds (bites, abrasions, burns, and lesions)

  • Ear infections

Laser therapy treatments include:

Laser therapy allows the body to heal from within.

Non-thermal photons of light enter the body and become absorbed by the injured cells.


The cells become stimulated and respond with a higher rate of metabolism, which reduces pain and inflammation and accelerates the healing process.



How does it work?

New patients receive $20 OFF first visit.


There is no medication required when your pet has a laser therapy procedure performed.

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